All You Had to Understand About Odisha Kid Shagoon Satpathy.

Questionable Indian tv truth show ‘Bigg Employer’ has actually entered its eleventh period and with virtually nine weeks to go before host Salman Khan announces the winner of this year, a fad monitoring company has actually already anticipated the winner. Shilpa says to Hina that Vikas was jerking your bag so your bag goes empty. winner of bigg boss 11 helps hina in emptying Puneesh’s bag, Hina says you will torn it. Luv says no I am doing it from top. Akash and Shilpa lose their bags. Shilpa says Aakash you were a tail of Arshi, you were doggie for Arshi.
The alarm rings for the task and the contestants again grab their bags and go on the inclined platform and start to empty each other’s bags. Hina says to Aakash that why you have two bags? Puneesh and Luv also discuss how Hina was unruly and rough in the game.
Hina again tells Luv that Akash has to be out of the task. Hina weighs bags, she says Puneesh’s bag have least weight so she removes one magnetic bag. Fridays in the Bigg Boss house mean one thing, and one thing only: Captaincy Task. Shilpa sleeps in the wardrobe and looking at her, Puneesh, Akash and Hina get scared.
Like past few years, Ormax Media evaluates the contestants of ‘Bigg Boss’ and presents the list of the top five most loved celebrities present in the house and almost every year, the most loved contestant of this list has been announced the winner of the show.
Bigg Boss announces that since Puneesh couldn’t steal anything from the museum, Rs 25 lakhs have been added to the prize money. Shilpa and Hina together in the task. Aakash says may be best person wins, Puneesh says you are the best, Shilpa says non sense. Hina gets upset with Luv for choosing Vikas’ bag over Akash.